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Massive 142

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Massive 14² 笔电散热器,内建两个14CM LED大风扇,有效实现最大散热效能。

Massive 14² 笔电散热器
Massive 14² 笔电散热器内置两个14公分LED大风扇,大风扇的转速通常较低,噪音值也较低,效能和静音同时兼顾。贴心的人体工学设计及3段式可调式脚座,提供最舒适的视觉角度,且可支援所有17寸以下的笔记型电脑。
Massive 14²笔电散热器内建两个14公分的超大LED风扇,最高转速达1100 RPM,提供最佳的散热效能。
Massive 14²左侧配有贴心的无段式风扇转速调整和LED照明开关,可随使用者喜好调节至最舒适的状态。

因为贴心,所以懂得。曜越Massive 14²的3段式可调式脚座,可随使用者习惯或使用环境调整高度,轻松达到最符合人体工学的视觉角度和舒适度。

Massive 14²表面使用六角形铁网处理,兼具美观和通风,有效降低风阻和风噪。最大可支援所有市售的17寸笔记型电脑。
Massive 14²特别於左侧设计2个USB连接埠,方便使用者使用。
型号 CL-N001-PL14BU-A
适用规格 For 10”~ 17”Notebook
尺寸:寬 x 高 x 長 382 x 262 x 26 mm
风扇尺寸 140 x 140 x 15 mm x2
重量 663g
颜色 Black
材质 Mesh + Plastic
额定电流 0.46 A
额定电压 5V
风扇转速 700~1200 R.P.M
噪音值 22.1 dBA
最大气流 58.97 CFM
最大气压 1.01 mm-H2O
The Thermaltake Massive 14² Notebook Cooler is pretty impressive to say the least. The durablility of the plastic construction is surprising despite the light-weight design. This notebook cooler is very ergonomic-friendly with multiple adjustments to maximize comfort levels. The cooling performance for the price adds to the overall value of the product. The soft glow of the Blue LED 140mm fans adds a nice accent to the surrounding area and does not distract. This cooler managed to best a much larger and much more expensive offering from NZXT as shown in the testing results. <More>
The Thermaltake Massive 14 Squared has been a pleasure to use. I found myself typically using it with the legs fully extended in the back, and in this orientation, the front supports at the top definitely earn their stripes as they keep the much heavier laptop securely placed above them. There is a high level of air flow that is coming through this cooler, but with it being allowed to blow anywhere it wants, it seems to follow the paths of least resistance. <More>
Hardware Asylum
Overall, the Massive does its job well, providing both active and passive notebook cooling with the adjustable height legs and 14in fans.  Combine this with an adjustable notebook angle and you also will get a comfortable typing surface for those long nights at the office or extended gaming sessions. <More>